2. Muscle diagnosis  

  3. Wellness program

Technicality and precision, efficiency and result.
Association of anatomical knowledge and energy massage techniques , Influzen massage is a listening to the needs of the body.
The muscle nodes will loosen, giving way to more joint mobility. Soft and relaxing with the Californian massage, you will feel your tissue energy with Ayurvedic massages, shiatsu.
Stretching and stretching brings you renewed mobility and better posture with Thai massage .

Pledge of my know-how and my professionalism , I am a member of the French Federation of Wellness Massage.

Julien Traineau, your masseur in Antibes

INFLUZEN MASSAGE (massage table)

The influzen seated massage is a muscular relaxation of the muscles, tendons, nerves, and joints of the shoulders, neck, back. The m assage sitting is a clothed massage, customized,   efficient, fast and quality.   The seated massage helps maintain flexibility and good muscle health, prevent muscle blockages and risks of Musculoskeletal Disorder (MSD).   Pressures, vibrations on sensitive points

Julien Traineau, your masseur in Antibes


INFLUZEN MASSAGE (seated massage)




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