Course of the Golden Hand

Classic massage
Swedish, Californian, Foot reflexology, Slimming

SWEDISH MASSAGE was developed by the Swedish Ling (1776-1839), who was at the same time doctor, teacher and poet
Swedish massage is the ideal treatment to reduce muscle pain, soften the tissues while breaking knots and stiffness.

This massage is characterized by long, slow, fluid and gentle movements that sculpt and recreate the body diagram. Rocking, mobilizing help to let go deep tensions, kneading that provide increased muscle relaxation and sensory profusion.

Plantar reflexology (1800)
Foot reflexology by digitopressure of the areas representing the organs / areas of the human body makes it possible to stimulate the stretched or congested part of the body, to remove tensions, eliminates toxins, reduces pain and emotional tension.
Plantar reflexology acts on the lymphatic and blood circulation, the acid-base balance of the body , stimulates the adrenals for better endurance and performance.

For Athletes, foot reflexology reduces cramps , body aches , burning sensations in the limbs.

The slimming massage reduces the appearance of orange peel cellulite problems thanks to a fibrolytic effect.
Activates the lymphatic circulation, decongests toxins and stasis present in the tissues and combats water retention.
Palpate rolling, kneading, smoothing, drainage and pumping; The slimming massage helps oxygenate and tone the tissues, refines the silhouette, improves local micro-circulation and activates lymphatic drainage and venous return.
Ideal for pregnant women with heavy legs


Energy Massage
Shiatsu, Thai, Ayurvedic, Korean relaxation

Its origins come from India during the life of Buddha, over 2,500 years ago.
Thai massage is made up of the influence of yoga . The manipulation of muscle tissue, by pressure points on the energy lines called SEN and stretching movements of the joints allows relaxation.
Thai massage releases muscle tension and energy blockages, and gives the body flexibility and mobility.

It is in ancient China, cradle of oriental medicine that we find the roots of shiatsu, we date the beginnings at least 2500 years BC.
Shiatsu consists of a series of rhythmic pressures along the meridians through which energy flows, with the aim of rebalancing the body.
Deep massage of the muscles and connective tissues, it focuses on the muscle nodes.

Practiced in India for over 5000 years, Ayurvedic massage is the very first form of medicine in history.
According to Ayurveda, each person has a point of balance , highlighted by the opening of the chakras .
Stretching, vibration, rotation, friction, kneading and pressure allow the feeling to open the 7 chakras (literally, "circle or wheel"), which allow free energy circulation.

Linked to the Chinese tradition, Korean relaxation through vibrations and manipulation with the massaged breathing leads to a cleansing of toxins, uric acids, and crystals trapped in joints and muscular tensions.



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